15-18 AUGUST 2019


Director of Roots of the Earth, Mexico, Chile, Austria and Colombia, Disciple of Reymundo Perez. Now he carries the sacred fire in large ceremonies of Roots of the Earth, where indigenous chiefs and leaders of different  people worldwide gather to pray and support the attempt of universal consciousness on the planet. This ceremony, heritage vision Reymundo Perez, is currently underway in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and The Netherlands.

Nubia is from Colombian origin, based in Mexico. She is a trainer in Dance : Circulars Teopantli Kalpulli. As perinatal educator, therapist, female guide moon circles and work, she comes now to share her experience as guide with more than 25 years of knowledge in indigenous ceremonies.

Marakame nation Wixarika
Originally from Mezquitic, Jalisco.
He is representative of the People of the Blue Deer. Recognized as Marakame Wirrarika (literally "He who knows"). Ancient rezador and knowledgeable of sacred custom cycles and commitments of the Huichol. Pilgrim Wirikuta Desert, sacred land where 7 ways that preserve the life of the Huichol, who persevere in their customs as one of the oldest towns in Mexico are made.

Medicine Woman. Born of Mother Earth in Chile, of mixed blood. Apprentice of Ancient Wisdom. Pilgrim of the Prophesy of the Eagle and The Condor.

Ida Ayu Purnamawati, or Dayu, descendant from an old family of Hindou-priests and healers in Klungkung, from the Indonesian island, Bali.
​Dayu is experienced in Yoga and Meditation what she also teaches in her spiritual Center Pantai Mas in the north of Bali.

OgliglewakanWinyan - Cheryl Angel, Sicangu: Lakota Spiritual Activist.


Cheryl advocates for living in harmony on earth. She became a Spiritual Activist to protect water after living at the spiritual camps Sicangu Wicoti Iyuksa and Sacred Stone, both set up by Indigenous peoples to stop the TransCanada XL pipeline and Dakota Access pipelines.

As a member of the Sacred Circle of the Wise Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Planet she was appointed the carrier of the female baston, Qorikancha-Staff of Light at Amatlan de Quetzalcoatl. 

As a woman, her deep relationship with water and tribal heritage guides and imparts the practice of INIGAGE, the ancient art of cleansing; to aid in the spiritual growth, emotional health and physical well-being of the feminine to prevent the sacred waters within from becoming stagnant. 

Cheryl travels to many communities of Mexico participating as the North door of Turtle Island (American continent} in ceremony at sacred sites to offer prayers for the people of the Eagle and Condor nations. 

She stands with the people in ceremony who are actively working to protect the rights of the earth to stop the destructive nature of mankind and his machines.

Graduated in media, writer (published a book called The Protective Ounce) Leader of the Krenak village Atorãn village, activist in defense of the sacred rivers against mining.

She currently works as a teacher in projects linked to the Krenak indigenous culture in schools, public and private universities.


Sankale is a Masai tribesman from the Purko clan.
Born in Maji Moto, his grandmother nurtured a passion in him for knowledge of the natural world,its plants and animals, and their ways and uses.

Pape Seck comes from a family of "Griot" a musical family.
Music is an important part in his life.
Pape Seck composes traditional and modern compositions. He is a percussionist, singer, and a virtuoso musician and a teacher due to its flexibility, patience, enthusiasm and humor.
In Senegal, Pape Seck has a study house where he gives music workshops for people all over the globe.

​Born on 10-7-1964 Senegal, in the Netherlands since 1995
Moussé comes from an old family musical troubadours of Africa. These are called Griot and goes from father to son. As a child of 5 mousse is already gone with his father to learn to play the drum. So he learned various instruments with his rhythms to know the sabar, tama, djembe, boukarabou and soruba. Born in Thies For Senegal on December 17, 1964.

Toroa Aperahama is a Maori elder (pakeke), who was raised by his Kuia, grandmother in the traditional tribal ways. 

The wisdom she shared about their chiefly family lines (dating back to 400 BC) via the Maori oral tradition, also encompassing general Polynesian history and Maori language, are considered to be sacred knowledge. He was initiated in all the tribal knowledge concerning healings, chants, dances (like the Haka), to name but a few.

Philip ‘Aswind’ van der Zee. Storyteller specialized in the Germanic, Viking Edda stories. Theresia his wife is a gifted harp player. Together they form 'Donderelf' (elfs in the old days were ancestors and nature spirits, Donder is Thunder). The name Aswind comes from a dream Philip had. The name might mean ' Wind/stories from the Asgard (world of the gods). Donderelf will represent our Celtic and Germanic roots and ancestry.

I believe that the only way to co-create harmony and build strong, healthy communities in these times, is to re-educate ourselves in the natural rhythms of our Earth Mother through ritual and ceremony. We are all connected through the Web of Creation, and we must all weave a new world together. It is my hope to share what I have been taught in ways that will help each of us to remember our innate connection to each other, Mother Earth, and All That Is.

I was concieved on the mountain of Gaivarri north of the arctic circle in Sapmi where the border between Norway and Sweden runs over the top of the mountain.

My first memory in life was that I knew my destiny was to become a Shaman, like many of my anscestors in my lineage before me.
My grandfather was one of the last traditional healers and when he died when I was twelve years old, I was faced with a problem.There where no one left around to teach me.

So in my mid twentys I went to the last place on earth that I ever wanted to go, the Amazon. There I spent 7 years learning from the natives my own culture, that of no one still living in the north today could remember.

There I met my ancestors and became a Shaman, the Sami way.

Hello, my name is Dawn Roh and humbly serve as Head Water Woman in an ancient healing ceremony,  Sacred Fire. It is a grace-filled honor to be present with both grief and gratitude. I sincerely believe when we share our sorrows, they divide, and when we share our joys, they multiply. I send a warm hug with many blessings your way.


She is celebrating sweatlodges, healingcircles, visionquests, dancing rituals, seminars and community life to bring people back to natural spirituality. While she is using with respect and love the tools of Native America she is weaving more and more traditional european customs and traditions in, it as even modern psychotherapeutic elements in her work, which especially is dedicated to the healing of women.

Ragnar Johnsen is born in Norway.

He says: "Runes are dear friends that I have great respect for. Runes can help to bring to the surface and into the light , that what we need to see in our lives journey."

Ragnar is a gifted runemaster and he can read and translate runes and the message they have for the people to bring more understanding, clearness, light & love in to their life. Then healing begins and can be experienced.

He can sense the energies around people. He listens to their stories, verbal or nonverbal... He listens and speaks with his heart, soul and mind. Therefore it is not a common conversation. It is intense, energy changing and sometimes a needed wake up call. He has a clear and unique way of understanding situations. Yet always the answer is given with compassion , integrity and love… The runes serve as an important tool during these conversations…

Ragnar gives teachings about runes and energy in Norway and France and will share his knowledge this time during Kiva Netherlands.

Wiruungga Dunggiirr elder from the Namba Gumbaynggar Nation,New South Wales,Nambuka heads.

His culture was given by his Mother, Father,Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Uncles and Aunties.

As a young child sitting in a circle on the mission his 4 Grandfathers start telling him the stories of the creation of Mother Earth and the Dreamtime stories.

These stories were about his Father, and his Father,and his Father before him and how they went through ceremony, rituals and how they got their totems.

Wiruungga dedicate his life to educating non-indigenous as well as indigenous people, about his culture through art and crafts, story telling, dance, bush medicines, rituals and ceremonies.

Wiruungga runs a non profit organisation: Building Bridges.

The Wiruungga organasation bring clothes and other needs to remaind communities and support them to set up permaculture gardens.

Ger Lyons is acknowledged, recognised, and highly respected by many communities, in Ireland and Internationally, as being one of the foremost and experienced authorities on the Celtic world, and its experiential mysticism, true healing and the authentic old spirituality, of his region of Europe, He is a "Blood Man" a traditional healer, born a native of Cork in the south of Ireland, and with now, over 25 years of healing work, experience, all over the world, in many countries. He carries both Celtic & Viking ancestry ( Ireland / Iceland / Norway ) and embodies the old traditions, combined with a very powerful healing presence from one of the ancient and original tribes of Ireland. He holds a direct unbroken bloodline knowledge, of the old ceremonies and rituals of his people. 

Ger carries a vast wealth of experience, from a life of passionate exploration, of the profound healing gift he was born with. His depth of knowledge and wisdom comes from the deep study, and relentless research, of many different spiritual and medicine traditions around the world, including his own Celtic and Viking heritage. He tells of how a life of revolution lead to revelation, and how brutal torturous darkness became illumination, as he gained and developed a powerful ability to trasform "lead into gold" - density into light - pain into love ! Ger is a Master of his craft, a unique wise man who walks his talk. " We are not connected to nature, we exist as nature"

Don Andrés is a 54 year old marakame, young for his level of knowledge. 

He is a step closer of becoming a Cahuitero. 

(title of marakamesancianos that have fulfilled all the positions of responsibilities in his tradition. 

A cahuiteropasa is part of the council of elders that watch the world through the dreams).


He was formed in the ancient and rigorous school of his ancestors, of which only vestiges remain today. 

He began his profound studies of medicine, fire and deer at the age of 7 when he was introduced

and advised by his elders before the Wirrikuta desert.


Both his father and grandfather were the main tutors during his apprenticeship.