15-18 AUGUST 2019



Four days of ceremony where we all have the opportunity to receive the blessings, teachings and stories of the Elders and Spiritual leaders of indigenous tribes from all over the world.

​The Heart of the ceremony takes place inside an indiginous designed altar called "Kiva" which consist of a circular excavation, an inside 13 meter Earth altar where the Elders gather to pray together, to raise their prayers of healing, greatefulness to Mother Earth. They do this around the holy fire which is kept burning during the four days of the Prayer.

Every year the Kiva has its own purpose.
- The first year was meant for giving thanks to the Creator.
- The second year was meant for your Blood Family.
- The third year was for all our other Relations and Ancestors.

This fourth Kiva is for Ourselves.


Heriberto Villasenor, Director of the "Raices de la Tierra" or "Roots of the Earth" has a message for us about this years purpose :


"From the heart, from our love, we are arriving at the fourth KIVA; the KIVA of Gratitude for what we have received in our lives. We are asking for our dreams and our goals, which live within our soul, to manifest. Great Spirit, in agreement with ourselves, we collect what we have seen during this Sacred cycle of 4 years. We are giving thanks to each Elder, who has connected their prayers and to all Brothers and Sisters, who have given their hearts to carry out this ancestral ceremony, which unites the human spiritual world in one melody, in one single prayer. Dear family from Holland, from Europe and from Mother Earth, we dedicate ourselves to the Sacred fire, which teaches us how to be a beautiful planetary family, for all our relationships"




Heriberto Villasenor.


We Deeply Honor one of the Founders who carried this
Kiva Fire Whole Hearted.
Mateo Zepeda Patterson

May He Rest In Peace



Roots of the Earth - Kiva Gathering 2018 Netherlands
 Roots of the Earth is a movement which works to preserve the culture, tradition and spirituality of the indigenous nations from the whole world, to share their knowledge, wisdom and respect for the nature (mother earth) and everything what is surrounding us. Nowadays roots of the earth works actively in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia and Austria.

Roots of the Earth, inter-tribal gathering of aboriginal nations. *the world united in one prayer*

Roots of the Earth is the dream and the vision of a medicine man called Raymundo Tigre Perez, who was raised in texas, involved with the spiritual way of life of the Navajo Dine nation, placed in the indian reservation of Big Mountain and the Lakota Sioux Nation from south dakota.

Tigre Perez has dedicated his life to spread the essence and importance of the indigenous spirituality, as well as being a link of unity in between the indigenous and the mestizo people, as well as fighting for the rights of indigenous people and latin-american immigrants in the United States. 

Thanks to the heritage of Tigre Perez, for more than 45 years in north and south america and since 2009 in Europe, has been done a great duty which has served as a bridge to establish an inter-tribal alliance at a global magnitude between the indigenous cultures and the modern society around the world, all of these taking place at the Roots of the Earth's ceremonies during all of these years. 

According to the perception of "Tigre Perez" this duty opens a window to the universal conscience of the human kind as well as it reinforces the geomagnetic net of the Earth, so this facilitates the generation of the sustainable and conscious life, while it blends the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdom along with the four basic elements of Mother Earth: fire, water, wind and Earth. This state is reached thanks to the indigenous Elders (shamans)  work together as only one spirit-mind-heart, developing a ceremony of healing for mother earth and the humanity during four days and three nights.

The Heart of the ceremony takes place inside an indiginous design of altar called "kiva" which consist of a circular excavation (13 m. wide and 2,5 m. deep), an inside Earth altar where the Elders gather inside to pray together to raise their prayers of healing, gratefulness to Mother Earth, they do so around the holy fire which is kept burning during the four days of the Prayer.

Roots of the Earth has managed to gather people of the 4 races living in the 5 continents, creating bonds of unity and peace within various tribes/nations, even within nations which had been against each other throughout the history... Like this accomplishing part of the dream and the vision of Raymundo Tigre Perez. 

The attendants to Roots of the Earth will have the opportunity to be part of several workshops such as : permaculture, eco-construction, meditation, yoga, peace dances, music therapy, alternative medicine, vegetarian kitchen and many more workshops that year by year are added to our program. There are workshops for children as well such as: painting, music, dance, story tellers and plays.

During the 4 days of the ceremony we all have the opportunity to receive the teachings and advises of these elders and spiritual leaders of the invited indigenous tribes from all over the world, this is a great exercise to remember the importance of the universal values such as: respect and take care of the Earth, who feeding us and giving us a place to build up our shelter and to live, to remember the value of living in community (common-unity) regardless the place where we come from, our language or the color of our skin... We all are one...